Acts Project offers students mission opportunities

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Written By: Samantha Burgess, Campus and Local Editor Going on a mission trip can be challenging mentally, physically and spiritually and with the Acts project, it’s a worthwhile experience. The Acts Project is a summer long term mission program for students in their sophomore, junior or senior year. The program prepares students through a class they take in spring 2017. Fifteen students will go on on custom fit trip to Latin America,... Read More

Seniors give a final goodbye

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Written By: Samantha Burgess As we scramble to finish assignments and prepare for exams, most of us have begun dreaming about summer plans. But seniors are preparing for graduation and their future. They’re filled with hope and bittersweet feelings as they get ready to leave behind good friends, professors and staff. To say goodbye, some Read More

A day in the life of a student-athlete

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Written By: Colby Roach Sports Editor Life for college athletes can be a balancing act. Some students think they have it rough when a busy schedule means getting their homework done, attending club meetings, playing in an intramural game and then maybe running out to dinner with friends. Imagine tacking on an additional four or more hours a day Read More

Soma or Sabbath

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Written By: Nathan Ecarma Managing Editor Discerning the difference between soma and sabbath Life is hard. No doubt about it. And when it is, we naturally turn to comforts. And these comforts hurt us more than help us. This phenomenon is known as escapism: the process of seeking distraction to avoid unpleasant realities. In Aldous Read More