Me and my iPhone

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Written by: Nathan Ecarma, Editor-in-Chief My phone is calling. It’s sitting on the arm of the couch, and it’s not ringing, but it is calling. It’s calling me not because it’s evil but because I am addicted, and my addiction, my connection to my phone, calls me, asking of me my time—little spurts there and Read More

SONY’s Venom Review

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Written by: Devin Burrow SONY’s spider-verse entry “Venom” earned $80 million its opening weekend, breaking the box office record for an October opening. This comes as a surprise as some of SONY’s previous entries into the spider-man universe were financial flops. Many critics and fans have criticized the company for straying too far from the Read More

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Written by: Jonathan Ecarma, staff writer It was a balmy February day in the Philippines, as Rex Ecarma and his family fled from the corrupt dictatorship of President Ferdinand Marcos and immigrated to the United States of America. Rex Ecarma was born in Cebu City, Philippines to Dr. Romeo and Jacinta Ecarma. He’s the youngest Read More