Break for Change: The joy of building relationships in Jamaica

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Written by: Samantha Burgess, editor in chief No one is ever fully prepared to enter into a new culture and do mission work. But, for Madison Owens and Heidi Smith, going on a mission trip to Jamaica taught them what it means to love others in Christ and to be thankful for everything they have. Read More

Republican and Libertarian 2020 candidates

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Written by: Andrew Johnson, staff writer As the election for a new president draws near, the political parties in the U.S. will be selecting their candidates for the 2020 election. The Democrats have already begun the process for selecting candidates, but the Republicans and Libertarians have not yet started their primary conventions. The Republican Party Read More

Nike Air Force 1: The iconic shoe

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Written by: Jonathan Ecarma, staff writer In the world of sneakers, there are few styles that can stand the test of time, but the sneakers that do will become classic and iconic. Nike has been the creator of many of these iconic shoe styles. One of these many iconic sneakers, the Air Force 1 (AF1), Read More

Dancing for the Gospel: Break for Change in Germany

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Written by, Mathäus Schwarzen Alexa Prince did not expect her summer to be as exhausting as it turned out. Prince, a psychology major and a junior, went on a nine day Break for Change mission trip to Germany through Bryan College.  Though she had a little experience with drama and theatre from middle school, she Read More