We want more transparency

5 years ago Triangle 0

It is the stance of this publication that dialogue and transparency between the students, faculty and staff of Bryan College is beneficial.

Triangle has been intentional in the last several months in reserving opinions on college matters, both when this publication has been in support and opposition to various issues. Triangle seeks to serve Bryan College by acting as the forum where the Bryan community talks to itself and the watchdog that acts to preserve the best interests of students, faculty and staff.

Unfortunately, there has been a trend of opacity within certain administrative departments, at least when Triangle has sought to interact on a professional level, seeking to gain information in order to better inform the school’s student, faculty and staff bodies.

Triangle has repeatedly run up against opposition when attempting to interview certain school administrators, and various reasons have been offered. This, we believe, is a disservice to Bryan College.

When an administrator refuses an interview, he is not only refusing to speak to this publication. Triangle is the community forum. Refusing to speak with Triangle is refusing to speak to the Bryan community.

In more than one instance, a college official has also sought to control the information available to Triangle reporters or control the dissemination of information by attempting to flex control over how a story is to be written.

Triangle has made mistakes in the past. This publication has its black eyes. But treating this publication and its staff reporters as incapable of doing journalism is degrading and reflects a disturbing view toward Bryan College students. Because after all, like or hate us, we are students here.

Triangle has repeatedly attempted to make up for past mistakes with certain college officials. It is not the intention or desire of this publication to misrepresent or misquote any source. It is the intention of Triangle and its staff to do our best, at all times and to be in continual service to our readership.

The disregard-bordering-on-malice shown toward this publication by certain school officials over the course of the last few weeks is both disturbing and discouraging. It is our hope to see a Bryan College where students are not assumed to be incapable of understanding the intricacies of school policies and procedures.

It is our hope to see a community where students, faculty and staff are welcome to take part in dialogue over the day’s issues, not hushed, pushed away or discouraged from talking about them.

Bryan College is a private college and is consequently not subject to all state and national freedom of information laws. This does not mean any school official ought to reserve information from students or faculty.

A college that values community ought to invite community involvement and encourage free speech among its students, faculty and staff. This is Triangle’s hope for this college and this community.

We do not wish to paint all of Bryan’s administrators with the same broad brush. Triangle has found faculty chairs to be very open and welcoming in the past, and we appreciate and applaud them, including current faculty chair Col. Ron Pettite.

Triangle has consistently received enthusiastic cooperation from Doug Schott, director of the physical plant, and Tim Hostetler vice president of operations. Triangle has consistently found support and cooperation from Gary Marzello, night watch supervisor.

But it is our belief that increased dialogue and increased willingness to speak to the Bryan College community via Triangle ought to be encouraged in other areas. With increased transparency throughout this school, the ideas and counsel of many may yield effective solutions for complicated problems.

Bryan College is loaded with good people and smart people. We do not seek to cast anyone as otherwise. We only wish to exercise our role as this community’s watchdog and reaffirm the need for transparency and open communication.

The lack of either leads us to ask on behalf of all Bryan community members for improvement.

So we ask.