SSTOP targets “whovians”

5 years ago Triangle 0

Last week, Whovians all over campus rejoiced when Bryan College unveiled its very own TARDIS.

The TARDIS, supplied by the PCI Initiative, SSTOP, served to draw students’ attention to an issue that they only thought was ancient: slavery.

According to SSTOP Vice President Cameron Brock, the International Justice Mission asked SSTOP leaders to hold an event encouraging students to contact their state representatives.

Students were encouraged to talk to their representatives about H.R. 2283 Human Trafficking Prioritization Act, a bill that was introduced to the House of Representatives on Nov. 19, according to SSTOP President Maddie Mondell.

The bill calls for more government funding toward the fight against human trafficking.

Brock thought setting up a replica of the famous Dr. Who icon would pique student interest.

SSTOP representatives took turns manning the TARDIS, where they asked students to contact their state representatives, and then provided them with the appropriate email addresses and phone numbers.

Mondell said that approximately 50 students called their representatives, and another 10 emailed them.

Students who wished to call their representatives from inside the TARDIS were permitted to do so.

Matt Redding, who facilitated the construction of the TARDIS, was given three days to create the entire thing from cardboard and glue.

Redding described the experience as “so worth it,” but quickly added that he does not want to take on any similar feats in the near future.