SGA works behind the scenes

6 years ago Triangle 0

By Timothy Metcalf
Triangle Writer

Bryan’s SGA senate met during their regular meeting Feb. 28 to discuss their ideas on how to improve Bryan for students.

“People think we don’t do anything,” Sophomore Male Representative Jonathan Creasy said at the SGA meeting the other night.

However, SGA senate keeps its thumb on Bryan’s pulse and tries to change things that students are dissatisfied with.

Last semester, many freshmen complained about the sheer drudgery of the college success seminar. SGA took note of this.

“Do away with it!” Creasy said at the meeting.

The group considered several ideas to make college success seminar more tolerable. Junior Female Representative Alison Baker said, “I think they should make it retreat style, do it during orientation.”

That’s hardly the only project SGA’s working on, though.

“Open dorm, we’re trying to get extended,” said Student Body Vice President Joseph Murphy.

Instead of the current 7:30-11:00 on Friday and Saturday, SGA wants open dorm to go from 7:00-12:00 Friday and Saturday, with an additional open dorm Sunday afternoons.

They’re also trying to get rid of required church attendance entirely.

And in a more minor step, they mentioned how frequently students complain about the campus Wi-Fi to President Steven Livesay and he immediately went to Vice President of Information Systems Rick Taphorn to see what could be done.

One way Bryan’s SGA senate publicizes their work is through their Facebook page, which can be accessed here.