SGA proposes handbook changes to administration

5 years ago Triangle 0

By Jonathan Warner

Senate has been proposing many rule changes to the Student Life Handbook this year.

The first batch of proposals that Senate submitted to the administration proposed changes to the dancing policy and ending weekend curfew.

Vice President Joseph Murphy, junior, who served as a class Senator for two years before becoming vice president, said the goal of SGA Senate is to “try to improve Bryan for students.”

In years past, they helped amend rules dealing with things like nose piercings.

The current proposed amendments have been approved by the Office of Student Life Council and are now before the President’s Council. Murphy said that he believes these will be voted on before the end of the year, but was uncertain as to what the result would be.

The second batch of proposals includes ending the church attendance policy, changing the rule about shorts in Mercer and extending open dorm times.

SGA Senate proposed that the new policy on open dorm read: “Men may visit in the women’s dorms on Friday night and Sunday afternoons, and women may visit in the men’s dorms on Saturday nights. Residence Hall visitation time is normally 7:30 pm – 12:00 am on Friday and Saturday nights, and 2:00 pm – 6 pm on Sunday afternoons.”

This second batch of rules is still before Student Life Council. Murphy said that he anticipates them being voted on before the end of the year. However, they would still have to get past President’s Council which would be a near impossibility due to how little time is left in the year.

Murphy said his team—many of them serving their first time on SGA– were “very dedicated” and “pretty enthusiastic.”

However, added that there was room for SGA Senate to improve.

“We began touching on a lot of areas that we hope to improve, but we still need to keep working on developing clear lines of communication,” he said.

Allison Baker, current Junior class Senator and next year’s Vice President of SGA said she wants to raise awareness of SGA to the student body and represent them “whether or not she agrees with them.”

She’d like “people to be more aware of what SGA is doing, so they can feel represented and know what avenues they have to submit request and communicate to the administration.”