Nate Adams: a man of soccer, shoes and spoken word

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By Madison Mondell
Triangle Writer

Nate Adams came to Bryan to play soccer. He became known around campus for spoken word poetry. / Photo by Maddie Mondell
Nate Adams came to Bryan to play soccer. He became known around campus for spoken word poetry. / Photo by Maddie Mondell

“I will always watch cartoons over any other movie,” said Nate Adams, senior Communications major, who grew up in Frederick, Maryland, in the same house he was born in. Adams came to Bryan College through his soccer career.

“It was totally a God thing. Soccer and my sister got me here. I was playing at West Virginia and due to financial issues, I was looking to transfer and find a better fit. I asked God to show me where to go and to tell me through where the money was coming and He totally answered me,” said Adams.

After graduating high school, Adams had gone to Sao Paulo, Brazil where he played for a professional club team. While his time there was unpaid, he was able to train with people his age and a little older for 7 months.

“In that time, I played against a really good club and then they wanted me to train with them, so I did. I came back to the states and talked about playing professionally back in Brazil, but the paperwork for my work visa didn’t end up working out. My dad told me to go to a community college and play locally, and then I got swept into West Virginia.”

But soccer isn’t the only talent Adams has in his arsenal; Adam has also recently gotten involved in spoken word poetry.

“The first poems I ever wrote were to girls; they weren’t sincere. I don’t think that they were beautiful, but merely simple words put together. That was between 15 and 18, then I stopped writing for awhile,” laughed Adams.

Adams shared about how he was watching YouTube videos about spoken word, researching into the idea, when his dad leaned over his shoulder and told him that he should try it.

“My dad said that this was something he thought I could do and that it was a way to share my story,” said Adams. The first spoken word piece Adams wrote was his testimony.

“After that, I started seeing more spoken word develop on the Internet, and I contacted a couple of the artists and asked them how I could improve. They told me to start writing about my experiences and to pray hard about it, to pray that God gives me the poetry and the potency. I started writing from what I know and what I see in the world.”

When asked about whether spoken word was something he’s be interested in pursuing, Adams said that he would love to pursue it professionally.

“I would love to be like Micah Bournes or Propoganda and travel and share my words. That would be a huge blessing. I don’t think I could ever not write,” admitted Adams.

But what are the weird or the unknown things about Nate Adams?

“I love the game Rush Hour and I’m a momma’s boy. I love shoes: they can make or break an outfit, and I can take longer to dress in the morning than any girl. I am also very, very stingy with my words. It can come down to simple words like “friend” or “love” or “grace”. Words that can often lose their definition, words that we have a tendency to throw around. I also love to dig deep on ideas, like in theology, and I will always go to the –nth degree on an issue.”

Adams has a couple options for his future once he graduates in May, and a couple ideas for what he wants to do.

“I have a semi-pro contract in Chattanooga with the Chattanooga Football Club. I have a game on graduation day, actually. During the summer I’ll be working at the YMCA, working and coaching to suffice an internship. Not too many ideas after that, but there’s a potential job interest in sales or marketing. I want to move back to Maryland and serve my church, be wherever God can use my gifts. I have an extreme desire and burden to help the church. I also want to start putting videos up on Youtube while I’m still here at Bryan.”

I asked Adams if there was anything else I should be asking him, and he told me to ask him what he lives by.

“I live by and have adopted the idea from Mr. Palmer about what makes your heart tick. What makes your heart skip a beat? I have also adopted the philosophy of John Calvin, which is to deepen your understanding of God and your understanding of man. I live by the stinginess of guarding my words. I really try to live every moment as if it is not something I deserve, but that it’s all by God’s grace. I want to challenge people that they will never understand grace if they do not understand sin. I try to remain humble, I always submit to God. God gives me gifts, but I gotta give that gift for His glory.”