Married and still in school, Kellys start production company

5 years ago Triangle 0

By Amy Bailey
Triangle Writer

(Video produced by The Kellys’ Productions)

Bryan College seniors Justin and Hannah Kelly, are living proof that business and marriage can go hand in hand.

In January of 2012, the couple founded their joint enterprise, “The Kellys’ Productions.” Since then their company has blossomed. They started out pursuing their individual interests in photography and film.

Sitting in Common Grounds during this interview, Justin recalled the story of Hannah’s receiving a camera in high school. She leads the photography side of the business, while Justin handles the film and video work. However, they were both quick to comment that they equally assist one another in the field and always accompany the other on individual assignments, such as when Hannah is booked for a photo shoot.

“Justin comes along and helps me by holding the boom stand or something similar,” she says.

The Kellys agreed that being able to work and spend time together is a real benefit, particularly in comparison to working nine-to-five office jobs apart. Their unique relationship as husband and wife also adds an interesting dynamic to their business—aside from not having to worry about having vexatious coworkers (most of the time), it gives them an endearing appeal with their clients.

The Kellys’ faith in God influences every aspect of their business. As Hannah puts it, since they are made in God’s image, she and Justin strive to do their best in their work as a reflection of that. Their efforts have paid off—The Kellys’ Productions already has several jobs lined up for the coming year.

One of their more important jobs is with the White County Chamber of Commerce. The Kellys have been asked to make 30 to 40, 30-second videos showcasing the county.

“This is a big job and will give us the opportunity to branch out to other chambers of commerce in other counties. It is also opening many new doors with many new people.”

Additionally, Justin was hired by Suburban Manufacturing in Dayton to make product information and employee training videos. Justin will also be doing some work with a recording studio in Nashville that he interned with during high school.

After graduation, the couple hopes to relocate to the Nashville area. Justin is a music administration major, with a minor in film. And Hannah is a business administration major, specializing in finance and economics. Her business education has already proved to be a worthwhile investment in organizing their company and keeping the books, according to Hannah. She has also been able to use what she has learned about marketing and advertising to better promote the company.

Currently, she is looking for a job in finance. Justin plans on pursuing videography full time. Ideally, the Kellys hope to be able to devote their energies full-time to their company. The Kellys’ Productions has a website,, and can also be found on Facebook and YouTube.