Mailroom stops allowing graded work in boxes

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 / Photo by Michael Whitlock

By Maddie Mondell
Triangle Writer

In a joint decision to downsize the mailroom workload, the Academic Office and Operations have decided that, starting this semester, professors will no longer be able to return student work via intramural mail, which required a full-time position and a student worker position, has been eliminated.

The change was made to cut down on the mailroom staff workload and save money, according to Tim Hostetler, vice president of Operations.

The never-ending pile of homework that had to be returned to students in the mailroom took four to five hours per day to distribute, and was cutting into office productivity, Hostetler said. On some days that was all that the student worker would be able to do, keeping them from being able to help the mailroom staff with more important projects.

Due to the loss of a full-time staff member and a student worker, the mailroom does not have the manpower this year to be able to return homework.

Former mail service manager, Winnie Davey Ardelean, recently married and retired. Ardelean’s coworker, Valerie Castlen, was promoted to Ardelean’s position, and Casten’s position was eliminated.

“People don’t realize how much work we actually have to do. This change cleared up a lot of extra time for the amount of manpower we have,” said Castlen.

Students would not pick up their work for weeks, or even for the whole semester, and the staff in the mailroom did not know what to do with all the leftovers at the end of the year. Castlen and Ardelean even tried e-mailing professors at the end of the semester, asking them to tell their students to pick up their work.

When asked about professors’ feedback regarding the change, Hostetler claimed not to have received any negative comments or requests.

“Any new change has an adjustment period; these changes were made to become more efficient and less wasteful,” said Hostetler.