Bryan’s Arboretum to be axed due to budget cuts

5 years ago Triangle 0
The trail which runs along the new entrance is maintained by the Bryan Arboretum / Photo by Timothy Metcalf

The budget cuts this year mean there’s a rough path ahead for many of the non-essential programs at Bryan. The Bryan College Arboretum is one of the programs that will be cut out entirely.

“As of July 1, we’ll have no budget and no staff,” program director Dr. Rodger Sanders said.

The program was established in 2010 to “identify, preserve, and add to [the campus’s] already large variety of trees,” according to a brochure about the arboretum.

The program is not entirely focused on the trees, however. Recently, the program built a short nature trail in the woods between Rudd and the new entrance, and it’s responsible for the upkeep of the green informational plaques that identify 32 different tree species around campus for botany students.

Until the budget cuts, the Arboretum was making plans. Dr. Sanders said the arboretum intended to add plaques labeling 20 more species of trees.

The 300-yard path between Rudd and the new entrance was to be extended further, eventually forming a loop trail around campus. The arboretum was considering planting more trees, especially around the townhouses, increasing the diversity of species on campus.

Instead, Dr. Sanders said he will enter semi-retirement. He intends to stay around a while in case the college gets the money to restart the program.