Bryan Institute to be discontinued

5 years ago Triangle 0

By Meredith Kreigh
Staff Writer

The Bryan Institute, the umbrella organization that handles the advocacy arm of the college, is scheduled to be de-funded in the next fiscal year.

The Bryan Institute is made up of an additional four centers: International Development, Law and Public Policy, Leadership Initiatives and Worldview Studies.

“After June 30, none of the centers are going to remain in operation, providing that no one provides outside funds” said Academic Vice President Dr. Bradford Sample.

The only exception is the Center for Leadership Initiatives, which will continue only by means of a grant. The Maclellan Foundation provided a two-year grant for the program, beginning July 1, 2013.

“It is most feasible to continue operating CLI because it has, without a doubt, seen the most growth recently,” said Sample.

Sample explained that this is in large part due to the Human Trafficking program

“If you really boil it down, these were things that we really like to offer, but they are not absolutely required. CORE (The Center for Origins Research) is not the only thing being affected. We are looking at data from the last five years for majors and minors, too, and examining interest and other variables,” Sample said.

Sample said the college is looking to cut programs that college students have little interest in.

“If we cut anything more, there will be zero or only a couple of students involved,” he continued.