All School Picnic on campus for first time

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DSC_1392By Cameron Brock
Triangle Writer

In the past, the All School Picnic had been held at several different locations. Twenty years ago, it was hosted at Fall Creek Falls State Park, in Pikeville, Tenn., about an hour away from campus. Tim Shetter, Bryan alumnus and current Assistant Dean of Community Life, recalls his experiences at the All School Picnic when he was a student; saying that everyone was required to go. And that the cafeteria delivered food to the park.

In the following years, the picnic was moved from Fall Creek Falls to Fort Bluff.

Rachel Garnett, SGA vice president of on-campus events, and her counterpart, Nathan Harris, vice president of off campus events were the first who thought about hosting the picnic on campus.

This year was different though. The picnic was held at the Bryan campus. It was a great success and featured capture the flag, volleyball and live music during a peaceful lunch.

Shetter corresponded with Garnett and Harris this past summer, planning and figuring out ways to still host the picnic, without the previous budget.

“We thought that this was something that needed to happen, it has been a tradition for years,” Shetter said.

“When we heard that there were budget cuts, we thought, ‘we can just have it here.’ I feel that the goal of the All School Picnic is targeting freshman to get to know other people and to get to know the staff and the professors, who will come out and bring their families,” Garnett said.

According to the SGA officials, budgeting was not the only reason for the move.

“We felt that freshman may have felt awkward going off campus to Fort Bluff,” Harris said.

“And our numbers have been down in the past,” Garnett added.

However, the picnic is not all about freshman, rather for the entire student body, hence the name.

Shetter shared his dream and vision for the All School Picnic saying; “Everyone comes in little segments here… and then classes start and it is a huge party, a celebration to say, ‘hey, we are all in this together—faculty, staff, students—we are one large community that allows us to be a part of each other.”

“I think in future years we will continue to have it on campus,” Shetter said.

Shetter attributed much of the success to its convenience. Students only had to go across campus instead of across town, which was a favorable improvement.