Alderman gives swan song performance at hipster party

4 years ago John Carpenter 0

By Mallory Morrison
Staff Writer

This past Thursday, Dayton’s local Harmony House Coffee Shop hosted the farewell show for graduating senior Robbie Alderman. Many students and faculty members came out in support of the event. The band received a standing ovation at the end of the night causing Alderman to shed some tears.

Social media was buzzing from the night’s event. Abigail Taylor tweeted: “Phenomenal night, so much talent. @roblewald, you will be dearly missed.”

Hannah Mileur posted a Facebook status that read, “ I’m going to miss this brother of mine!!! He did such a great job last night at his farewell concert!!!”

After the show Alderman was deeply moved by the great support he received at his show and said, “Above all else, thank you to Bryan College. Tonight was the perfect combination of an incredible time at this school with incredible people, and the night was just… perfect! Thanks to all who came to Harmony House to support the guys and me. So incredibly humbled. I love you all more than words can say.”

The team of Robbie Alderman, Drew Byers, Bryan Alderman, and Mark Mercier came together to perform one remarkable and memorable coffee house hipster party that Bryan College will never forget.