Adult & Graduate Studies dean leaves for Indiana Wesleyan

4 years ago John Carpenter 0

Dr. Mike Chase, dean of the School of Adult and Graduate Studies and an associate professor, is resigning from Bryan College, effective Jan. 1.

Chase, who has been a part of the Bryan community for three and a half years, is now returning back to Indiana Wesleyan University University, Marion, Ind., where he previously spent three years as an adjunct professor. He will take on a new role at the university as a full-time associate professor of Business in the School of Business and Leadership and the College of Adult and Professional Studies.

Dr. Bradford Sample, Bryan’s vice president of Academics, recruited Chase to come to Bryan after they worked together at Indiana Wesleyan. Sample sees Chase as friends as well as colleagues and knows him to be a good guy, funny, with quick wit, and a good and thoughtful employee with problem solving skills.

“He is a great guy to have around. We will miss him and his expertise,” said Sample.

Chase is most excited about the increased, intentional, face-to-face interaction he will be able to have with his students, because he likes the things that occur in the classroom: teachable moments, the ability to represent Christ in person, and the ability to witness.

Bill Harle, Bryan’s current SACS accreditation liaison, will replace Chase.

Sample said he is looking forward to innovations Harle can bring to the table.