Administration to cut faculty and majors due to budget cuts

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By Maddie Mondell
Staff Writer

Four professors will not get their contracts renewed next year due to the college’s budget cutbacks.

Starting in the 2013-2014 academic year, the college will cut back on faculty contract extensions and look to reduce the number of majors offered within certain departments because of the recent budget cuts Bryan College has had to make.

Instructor and Art Fellowship holder, Elaine Davis, will not be offered a full-time position next school year. The contract of Director of the Bryan Institute and Professor of Theology of four years, Daryl Charles, will not be extended for the following school year.

Members of the Center for Origins Research, Director Todd Wood and Arboretum Director  Roger Sanders will also leave the college June 30 because of CORE’s de-funding.

Charles was informed about the decision by the president in a meeting on the first day of the spring semester.

“I was summarily informed that the Bryan Institute was being eliminated and that the number of Christian Thought majors did not justify extending my part time teaching position into a full time position,” Charles said.

See the full interview with Dr. Charles here.

These changes were made out of necessity according to Academic Vice President, Bradford Sample.

According to Sample, faculty and the current major options within an academic department are going under the microscope in order to cut any option that isn’t absolutely core to the initial message the administration wants to give students.

“Most majors that are being cut are similar to another major within the option or have fewer than five students within that major,” said Sample.

Over the course of the semester, Sample will be meeting with each individual department to determine if there is any extra fat that can be shaved off or if there is one major that can be deleted while another is merely revised to fit into that major.

General education courses will still be provided, and the administration will not cut anything that will keep students from being able to graduate according to Sample. Those that are already in their majors are allowed to complete their requirements, but no new students will be accepted into the program.

“Any major we offer we feel ethically bound to provide for all those who wish to take it,” Sample said.

The decision on what majors will be cut will be made before the end of the semester.

Charles said, “I have three options: to continue to nurture Christian liberal arts education […]; to do public policy research; or apply for a research fellowship which will serve as a bridge between Bryan and a future teaching position.”

Even though there will be some changes, Bryan College will certainly never forget those that have devoted their time here to the students, making lasting impressions on the lives of those who want to learn, and the faculty leaving will be missed and given best wishes and prayers in their future endeavors.

Editor’s Note: Dr. Charles was approached by Triangle and was asked specific questions. This staff member only reported his responses to those questions in interpretation or direct quotes.