Your questions, their answers: Dr. Peter Held

6 years ago Triangle 0

By Corrie Walker and Kat Frazier
Staff Reporters

Dr. Peter Held, professor of Christian Thought and Biblical Studies and senior fellow for Christian Worldview, took some time to answer several questions submitted by the student body. Dr. Held holds a B.S. in business from John Brown University, a M.A.E. in counseling from the University of Alabama – Birmingham, a Th.M. in Bible exposition from Dallas Theological Seminary, and an Ed.D. in higher education administration from the University of Alabama.


Do you think there is any possibility this is all just the matrix?

“It’s doubtful. But I’ll never know; I took the blue pill.”


How did you meet your wife and how did you propose to her?

“Robin was introduced to me by reading a newspaper story in the Miami Herald. After my freshman year of college at John Brown University in Arkansas, I was doing a summer missions project in inner city Miami when the paper ran a feature along with photos of our work. Robin had just graduated from Ft. Lauderdale High School and was on her way to the same college when her father showed her the article in the paper. She saw my picture and told her father that she ‘hoped all the boys at this school were as good looking as that one.’ Her dad sternly warned her that he was sending her to college to get a good education, not a lousy husband. She got both. We met that fall and I was slain. We dated through college and the proposal was a simple one by a lake we enjoyed.”


What do you enjoy most about your job? “The students. Bryan students are awesome.” What do you enjoy least? “Grading. I’d rather chew on a rock.”


Did you grow up in a Christian family?

“Yes. I grew up in a loving Christian family, but dysfunctional on a number of levels.”


How does your understanding of other worldviews and religions affect your relationship with Christ?

“Investigating other worldviews and religions reveals the supremacy and magnificence of Christ and creates a wonder and deep appreciation for who he is.”


What made you want to teach worldview?

“Two reasons: (1) I believe in knowing, understanding and appreciating where other people are coming from. I don’t think it’s fair to say you have a better idea or a better way until you honestly understand the options and (2) I am amazed at the universality of the gospel. We Christians say that Jesus is the answer (and he is). Studying worldviews helps us know what the questions are.”


What would you say to those who are struggling with their worldview?

“Aggressively pursue your struggles and face them head on. People who are thoughtful often struggle with competing ideas. Keep your focus on the pursuit of truth; it should withstand all scrutiny. And don’t let your struggles keep you from commitment.”


Which Bryan sport is your favorite?

“It’s fun to watch any sport where my students are involved. Fall is my favorite season and with our home located just above the athletic fields, there’s nothing like walking from my house on a cool, sunny, fall Saturday afternoon and enjoying the atmosphere of Bryan sports.”


What are your hobbies?

“Spending time with family, SEC football, travel, learning to play chess.”


If you could be a college student again, what is the one thing you would do over again?

“I had such a great college experience, I can’t imagine changing anything about it. Really.”