Lady Lions fall to the Bulldogs

7 years ago Triangle 0

Justin M. Jones &
Sebastian Fischer

Senior guard Sara Barnett lines up for a shot in last night's game against Tenn. Wesleyan / Triangle photo by Jessica Slade

Wednesday night, the Lady Lions (12-9, 3-7 in AAC) suffered a devastating loss to the Tennessee Wesleyan (Athens) Bulldogs with an unsettling score of 65-35.

The Bulldogs (15-6, 8-2 in AAC) entered the contest as the odds-on favorite, currently being ranked 20th  in the NAIA DII and are leading the AAC.

About two minutes into the game, senior post Rochelle Davidson opened the scoring with a three pointer. The bar was set high for the Lions; a little bit too high that night.

Junior forward Morgan Burnette made her way down the court and scored  two for the Lions but Bryan was never able to catch up with the Bulldogs.  Wesleyan was simply superior in athleticism and size, which showed mostly on the glass. While Bryan had an overall of 32 rebounds, the Bulldogs recorded 54.

From start to finish the Bulldogs gradually widened their margin. At half time they were leading by 16.

Beginning the second half, the Lions entered the court with more energy; however, the Bulldogs kept dominating and were ahead with 44-22 seven minutes into the second period.

With five minutes left in the game, the Lady Lions showed some vital signs but the game was decided already and it was too late for a comeback.

Despite the outcome of the game, Coach Smith strongly believes in his team’s ability to perform.

“Our job as a coaching staff is to love our players, and it is the players’ job to love each other,” said Coach Smith. “That has been and will continue to be our number one objective.”

Senior center Sarah Newton lead the Lady Lions in scoring with 10 points; Burnette had seven rebounds.

The Lady Lions are currently ranked eigth in the AAC and play next in a conference game at Columbia (S.C.) College Saturday Jan. 28.