Bryan discusses human trafficking major with D.C. non-profits

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By Meredith Kreigh
Staff Writer

Recently, Bryan met with human trafficking non-profit groups in Washington, D.C. to discuss the formation of a Human Trafficking major on campus. / Photo illustration by iceprincess at

Just before fall break, faculty members who are developing the new human trafficking degree sought the advice of non-profits fighting human trafficking about developing the new major.

Bradford Sample, academic vice president, Matt Benson, vice president for spiritual formation, and Ben Norquist, director of faith and missions, travelled to Washington D.C. to meet with a number of select organizations like the International Justice Mission and the Polaris Project.

Sample said that this is something they try to do with all of their programs.

“We talk to leaders of finance and business, too. Some, like the human trafficking program, are just more popular and influential than others,” Sample said.

Norquist said that, as a result of this meeting, Bryan is looking into the possibility of practical field experience. During the spring semester of 2013, there might be an opportunity to go to Cambodia and interact with the people who have been personally affected by modern-day slavery.

The three faculty members also received advice on options for the major. Norquist mentioned that they are currently looking into human trafficking graduate studies here at Bryan.

“The main focus,” Norquist explained, “was trying to figure out how to bring these two worlds together—how to manifest a justice-driven education.”

Perhaps the greatest victory of last weekend was the level of momentum.

“Other organizations got excited to see what’s happening next. We were able to prove that we deserved an elevated level of trust. As a result, they gave insight into international internships, graduate studies and ongoing research,” Norquist said.