Police remove intoxicated man from campus

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A black Nissan is towed away after the owner was removed from campus for public intoxication on the evening of October 6 / Triangle photo by Dan Jackson

Dan Jackson
Assistant Online Editor

Dayton police removed an intoxicated man from Bryan campus around 8:30 p.m. last night, Oct. 6, after receiving a call.

According to Sgt. Rocky Hill, a K-9 officer, the police received a complaint that there was a drunk  man in a black Nissan parked in the Rudd parking lot. Three officers responded, along with an ambulance, to find the man had passed out after vomiting on the ground and himself.

The police put the man in jail for eight hours for public intoxication.

“For his safety, he was put in jail,” said Hill.

Hill said it is police department policy not to give the name of the person at the scene. However, his name will be included in the upcoming police report.

The man does not attend Bryan College; however, police believe he does have a sibling who attends the school.

Hill said it is customary for several police officers to respond to the same call as a safety precaution to back each other up.

“[A suspect of any situation] could come out shooting or anything,” said Hill.

As an added precaution, the man’s car was towed from Bryan’s campus.

While searching the man’s vehicle, police discovered a hunting rifle in the trunk. There was no ammunition in the gun.