New Testament class prepares to Greece the Turkey over the holidays

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Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies David Morgan teaches one of his introductory Bible classes / Triangle photo by Chloe Pool

Natalie Masti
Triangle Reporter

David Morgan, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies and Associate Director of the Bryan Institute, started a class this year that is unlike any other Bryan class.  Not only will this class be academic, but it will also focus on missions.

One month after Morgan started teaching at Bryan, Dr. Jud Davis, Associate Professor of Greek, brought up the idea that Morgan should take his Introduction to Old and New Testament classes to Turkey, Greece, Israel and Jordan.

Within the next year Morgan was able to put everything together and during this Christmas Break, starting on December 28th, he will be taking his New Testament class to Turkey and Greece for two weeks.

The students taking this class will be accredited three hours and they will have about four major assignments.  They will read articles before the trip and write about them, write a trip journal while there, and then write a research paper afterward.  There will also be a book review, but no quizzes or tests.

Not only is this time period convenient since they will be done with the class before January classes start up, but it is also cheaper to go in the winter rather than in the summer.

“Who wouldn’t want to spend their time walking where Paul walked during the Christmas season?” Morgan says.

The class itself is convenient because it counts as a general education class, but if you have already taken that class Morgan is willing to be flexible and have it count for a different, higher-level Bible class.

Another interesting fact about this class is that most of the students are traditional Bryan students, but a couple of them are online students that get a chance to interact personally with a professor and see Bryan’s campus even if that is just for a couple days before leaving for Turkey and Greece.

This winter break, 14 students will be going and next year the interest has already started for the possible trip to Israel and Jordan for Morgan’s Old Testament class.

Morgan handles every aspect of this trip himself, from logistics, advertizing and organizing to finances and actually teaching it.  He has done other trips like this to Spain, Mexico, Honduras, Iraq and Jordan, but he has never actually planned everything by himself.  Yet God has been helping everything get sorted out in regards to contacts and planning and Morgan is excited to see how the trip will go.